112,000+ families serviced. Since 1997.

MASK InternationalMothers and Fathers Aligned Saving Kids, is a non profit organization dedicated to providing services to families with all mental health and addictions issues, including at-risk youth who might otherwise hesitate to seek assistance. MASK is committed to the community by helping parents through life’s challenges. From prevention to perseverance, MASK, through its helpline, referrals, support groups, in/after school programs, and vast array of services gives the guidance needed to ensure emotional wellness in family members. MASK services, in deference to the communities it serves, are offered in a confidential, holistic, and culturally sensitive manner.

Many of the families that seek assistance from MASK are experiencing the heartbreak of a  family member engaging in self destructive behavior, such as substance abuse. MASK maintains a confidential helpline and supplies referrals for appropriate treatment. MASK assists in obtaining placement in appropriate residential or outpatient treatment facilities and works with the substance abuser and their family to assist in the healing process through the vehicle of our unique support groups. MASK runs an email support group and various teleconferencing support groups for parents or guardians unable to attend traditional support groups due to distance or circumstance.

Another facet of the work performed by MASK is community prevention and education. MASK engages in outreach which consists of advertisement in publications coupled with a series of seminars and symposium, and MASK's "Family Matters" radio show. These actions motivate and oblige the orthodox community to take notice of pertinent issues and their effects on the community in general and on families in particular.